Get more views and traffic for your website ? (Sofiane’s Editorial)

One of the major plights I encounter when I create a weblog is I do not get what I expect : Views. Unless you are a famous rock-star with  ardent followers behind, this is not my case. All way back to October 2012, I ran a Tumbler blog called Tumblin’ with Sofiane (now in a moribund state). Half of the article I wrote so far since then was about my favorite TV Show, The Mentalist. Obliviously , I began to attract more and more views, people left me comments, liked my posts and even re-blogged it the articles and blurbs I penned.


Here I will give you some tips yo boost your audience :

1- Use Social Networking widgets :

Facebook, Twitter, Linked are all useful social networking sites that allow to publish your contents right on the web and share them with your friends, followers and connections. Each time I publish an article, I make use to share it on Facebook and Twitter. Using the appropriate hashtag and keywords, you will certainly target a specific kind of audience.

2- Google, Bing are your friends:

Let the lion roars out of the gate , make your site visible to public and let giant search engine to register your presence on the web and index the contact of your blog.

3- Tell your friends and your family about your site:

Even real-life friends and family can come in handy and boost the views of your site. Tell them about your site and encourage them to read the contact and to subscribe if necessary.

4- Use the appropriate tag :

Make sure that the tags you used are connected to the content to your article. For example, if you write an article about the Mentalist TV Show, the tags would be : #redjohn, #partickjane #brunoheller, #mentalist

No more than 5 tags. The less tag you use, the better is.

5 – Writing is Rewriting : 

Keep blogging everyday. Try to publish at least three entries per day.  You will develop quicker audience and your followers will increase.

6- Success does not come overnight

Sometimes, you need time to appreciate things. Don’t worry if you don’t get followers at the beginning.  Sizing  a huge portion of loyal followers will take time, but just relax, you are too young to die.


Author: Sofiane Madani Merouani

Up in the air. Pop Corn Lover and a Dreamer - Avid Reader, Writer and Retro Gaming Collector.

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