Timecrimes (2007) : Free Will within the Limit of Perception (Part 2)

Continuing with Part II from my multi-part article about Timecrimes.

In Timecrimes, Hector 2 was jealous about Hector 1 being with his (Hector 2’s) wife. Ignoring the scientists’ warning  not venture in the forest in an attempt to deal with the original Hector (Hector 1) , Hector 2 decides to reproduce the earlier events in an attempt to draw Hector 1 off his house into the forest.


Hector 2 has just thrown himself into a trap of a crooked time-loop in which he believes he witnesses the murder of the girl before inadvertently becoming the murderer himself.

During a certain point in the movie, the girl is seen naked and unconscious. Then she is seen alive and well, guiding the battered Hector 3 back to his home. Then she is dead thrown off the ledge of the house.

One might ask, wasn’t she lying naked amid the bushes ?

The young woman has a picture of Schrödinger’s Cat on her shirt, which is a reference to the observer’s paradox first proposed by the Austrian scientist which states that an object or outcome of an event is not determined until being observed. A cat placed inside a box with a device which may or may not poison it is theoretically both dead and alive simultaneously until the box is opened and observed, forcing the object into just one of these possible states.


As Timecrimes writer Nacho Vigalondo explains about his movie:

The quantum mechanics aspect is the girl. We put an image of Schrödinger’s cat on the girl’s shirt – there’s a point in the movie where she’s dead and alive at the same time; it depends on what Hector sees, he defines whether she’s dead or alive. The theory of this film is that you only have free will within the limits of your perception. If you haven’t seen what happens inside a room, you can change what happens there, but if you have seen inside the room, you cannot change anything.

What can we understand by that. As far as my understanding is concerned, that Hector 1 has seen the woman naked and possibly dead. The end-result, that he can’t do anything to change of the outcome. Hector 2 inadvertently kills a woman (wearing a pair of converse) by throwing her off the ledge of his house. Hector 2 believed that the dead woman was his wife) . However when Hector 3 had the accident with the red-van, he stumbled upon with the young woman (wasn’t she naked and unconscious), alive and well. So, the situation clearly fits the Schrödinger’s cat’s experiment whereby the outcome of an event all depends on how the observer sees.

To be continued in Part III



Author: Sofiane Madani Merouani

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