Timecrimes (2007) : Everything you need to know about this wickedly dense serio-comedy.

A trip back in time. From a present to.

Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimines) tell tales the story of Hector, an everyday man whose lazy afternoon turns into a nightmarish time paradox. After being attacked by a bandaged man in an attempt to rescue an unconscious woman, Hector runs into a scientific silo. A scientist tells Hector to hide into a basin filled with an unidentified liquid, operates the switch and sends Hector back in time. One hour backward.


But interfering with the past can engender the future as Hector would soon realize.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of Timecrimes, l decided to write an extensive multi-part article that deals with Timecrimes, the time paradox and other themes covered in the movie :

(Warning: Spoiler & Adult Content)

  1. Timecrimes (2007) Part 1 : A Trip to The Past From The Present To…
  2. Timecrimes (2007) Part 2 : Free Will Within The Limit of Perception
  3. Timecrimes (2007) Part 3: It’s all about a Time Paradox
  4. Timecrimes (2007) Part 4: Sexism, How Women in Timecrimes are Treated



Author: Sofiane Madani Merouani

Up in the air. Pop Corn Lover and a Dreamer - Avid Reader, Writer and Retro Gaming Collector.

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