40 years later, Jamie Lee Curtis to return for Halloween H40

She is a household name in the horror movies. Nicknamed The Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis will return one last time for Halloween to commemorate the 40th anniversary for the release original John Carpenter’s horror classic, as the actress would appear for the upcoming entry of the franchise, set for October 19, 2018.

The actress confirmed it in her twitter account.

Starred with Donald Pleasence in the cult 1978’s Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis was propelled to the stardom when she played the role of the young babysitter stalked by a knife-wielding killer Michael Myers. Since then, she returned to the franchise four times for sequels, most recently for 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection. 


Fans are likely scratching their heads at this revelation, since Curtis’ character was unceremoniously killed off in Halloween: Resurrection in 2002, but in true Halloween franchise fashion it would appear that the film will be ignoring the continuity of many of the sequels in favor of telling its own story. Curtis has previously appeared in four films in the series, including the 1978 original, its 1981 sequel, 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, and Resurrection.

No plot detail about the next entry of Halloween  is floating around the net, I will keep you posted as soon as something would show up.

Mark you calendar, Halloween 2018, (a.k.a Halloween H40), is slated for Oct 19, 2018.


Author: Sofiane Madani Merouani

Up in the air. Pop Corn Lover and a Dreamer - Avid Reader, Writer and Retro Gaming Collector.

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