Behold the Clown Prince of Crime. Gotham’s Cameron Monaghan in Joker Makeup and outfit.

Cameron Monaghan is laughing all the way to the bank – as a cryptic collection of photos featuring what appears to be his character, Jerome, in proper Joker makeup have emerged from the set of  Gotham  season 4.



As with anything Batman-related, the Clown Prince of Crime has made his presence felt on FOX’s prequel TV show. Since joining Gotham in its premiere season, Monaghan has been the presumed candidate to become the Joker – even though he has yet to be officially given that moniker. However, with both Monaghan and the show’s producers claiming that Jerome is NOT the Joker , but that Jerome and the Joker’s connection will be quite the surprise, the latest set photos from the show could shed some light on the situation. Continue reading “Behold the Clown Prince of Crime. Gotham’s Cameron Monaghan in Joker Makeup and outfit.”

Solomon Grundy to star in the upcoming season of Gotham – Be Prepared

The last season of Gotham was exciting. We’ve seen lot of colorful characters from DC Comic/Batman universe evolving into great super-villains. However, the next season of Gotham promises to be way more exciting with Solomon Grundy. So, get ready for his arrival.


Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell), a high-ranking figure in Gotham’s criminal underworld  worked either with or against just about every notable villain in the city. While Butch was often frustrated by his inability to ascend to the top of the criminal pack, he at least usually occupied a second-in-command-type spot on the organized crime food chain.

While Butch did indeed meet his demise late in season 3, as did many characters on Gotham, death will not be the end for him. As revealed in the season finale, Butch was born Cyrus Gold , aka noted Batman villain Solomon Grundy. Introduced to comics way back in 1944, Solomon Grundy is an imposing brute of a villain that is usually depicted as a literal zombie, although his origin has changed a few times over the many years he’s existed.

Of all the existing characters on Gotham, Butch definitely seems like the best fit to become Grundy, although one wonders if such a transformation was always in the creative plans. Physically, Butch certainly fits the bill of a Grundy type, regularly using his size and strength to intimidate both enemies and underlings while serving in various capacities in the Gotham underworld.

It remains to be seen just how soon into season 4 that Butch will resurrect as Grundy, but when he does, one assumes there will be hell of a revenge for anyone who ever crossed the monster during his previous human life. Of course, it’ll be hard to get direct revenge on his killer Barbara Kean (Harley Quinn may be ?) , as she’s currently deceased too. Still, based on Gotham’s history, it’s doubtful that she stays that way for long.

Mark you calendar, Gotham will return for its forth season run on Sept. 22, 2017


Have a look to the original 1992 Mighty Morphin’ POWER RANGERS!

I have been a great fan of Power Rangers since its inception all way back in 1993. The pilot episode that started all and what would become a multi-million franchise, was first aired on my 8th birthday. It was on August 28th 1993. My brother was only one month and half year old.


However before Power Rangers become the Power Rangers as we know it and love it, the producer Haim Saban provided a pitch video of Power Rangers all way back in 1992. It was originally called Galaxy Rangers and it featured different cast. the original Rangers included a martial arts expert (Red Ranger), a detective with an unusual style (Black Ranger), a clumsy aerobics instructor (Pink Ranger), an athletic heartthrob (Blue Ranger), and a struggling novelist (Yellow Ranger). They definitely weren’t high school teens. It’s really fascinating to see what the original vision of this series was.

This was released awhile ago, but I hadn’t seen it until now. I’m sure some of you may have already watched this. The pitch was  pretty hilarious. Who would have thought that this would have turned out to be the huge multi-million dollar hit that it became?!