Puung, Love is…(an illustrated artbook)

We all agree that love is an universal theme. We find it in songs, movies, books and many other media outlets. And the The Korean artist Puung captures this sweet feeling in her ever popular illumination in which love is present in everyday’s life.


“…I entered university as an animation major but I was not one of the best artists. So, I worked hard. And then I realized one day that I should at least draw one drawing that was just for me. I started to ask the question “Maybe I’m working too hard. Am I really happy?” I decided to draw at least one drawing for myself every day. I started to draw things I like, such as architecture and people around me, which inspired the idea for my current “Love is…” series.”

Puug currently holds a fundraising website where you can donate money for her works.



Xbox One X. it’s the One you’ve been waiting for (Sofiane’s Editorial)

The technology, craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the new device is simply first class —

Two days ago, I announced that Microsoft finally unveiled its long awaited update to Xbox One hardware during the E3 2017 press conference at Los Angeles. Formally code-named “Scorpio”, The new Xbox One X ( Xbox One with enhanced performances depending to whom you talk) is touted  as the world’s most powerful console.


Microsoft got it right. Continue reading “Xbox One X. it’s the One you’ve been waiting for (Sofiane’s Editorial)”

Microsoft unveils Xbox One X. Release slated for Nov 7 for $499

The wait is officially over. After months of speculations Microsoft revealed the next updated version of Xbox One, called the Xbox One X. Set to compete with the current 4K generation of its rival The PlayStation 4 Pro, The Xbox One X promises the best in the gaming entertainment. True 4K gaming with its ultra Blu-ray Player and backward compatibility with Xbox 360 and current Xbox One S with boosted performances and enhanced gameplay.


As you may know, the PlayStation 4 Pro currently sells for $399, about $100 less than the Xbox One X. But Xbox One X is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro. And from what I’ve seen today, I think it justifies the price.

Just as the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is useless if you have a non 4K TV Set, you can either keep your current Xbox One S and play games.  If you already own a 4K TV set,  the one hundred bucks can justify the purchase.

Microsoft will release Xbox One X on November 7.


Gone Too Young! Remembering Christina Grimmie. One Year Later

It has been a year now. On June 10th 2016, the young talented singer Christina Grimmie from “The Voice” fame was shot to death by a gunman while signing the autographs for her fans. The young woman was only 22 years old.

On this day, she would have turned 23.


For those who don’t remember Christina, she was an American singer, and YouTuber who rose to prominence after her participation to NBC’s The Voice.  In June 2011, she released her debut EP, Find Me. Her studio album With Love was released in 2013. A second EP, Side A, was released in 2016. A posthumous release, Side B, was also made available on iTunes and Spotify. Her posthumous album, titled All Is Vanity, was due on June 2, 2017, but has  been postponed to June 9, 2017.

Sadly, Christina passed away a year ago while on an autograph tour. The perpetrator was a 27 year-old from St. Petersburg, Florida named Kevin Loibl. The gunman had no prior psychiatric record and his family was not aware of his attention to murder the young Grimmie. The man committed suicide with the same gun he used to murder the singer.

On that night, Grimmie’s Twitter account mentioned the words “The End”, alluding her sudden death and the end of her promising career.

May she rest in Peace.


Have a look to the original 1992 Mighty Morphin’ POWER RANGERS!

I have been a great fan of Power Rangers since its inception all way back in 1993. The pilot episode that started all and what would become a multi-million franchise, was first aired on my 8th birthday. It was on August 28th 1993. My brother was only one month and half year old.


However before Power Rangers become the Power Rangers as we know it and love it, the producer Haim Saban provided a pitch video of Power Rangers all way back in 1992. It was originally called Galaxy Rangers and it featured different cast. the original Rangers included a martial arts expert (Red Ranger), a detective with an unusual style (Black Ranger), a clumsy aerobics instructor (Pink Ranger), an athletic heartthrob (Blue Ranger), and a struggling novelist (Yellow Ranger). They definitely weren’t high school teens. It’s really fascinating to see what the original vision of this series was.

This was released awhile ago, but I hadn’t seen it until now. I’m sure some of you may have already watched this. The pitch was  pretty hilarious. Who would have thought that this would have turned out to be the huge multi-million dollar hit that it became?!



Boeing wants to take Pilots out of the cockpit. Fully autonomous plane on the way ? (Sofiane’s Editorial)

When Tesla introduced the self-driving mode in its line of cars, they called it “Autopilot”.  The “Autopilot” is term that is quite frequent in the aviation and it has been used in that field ever since. But the American manufacturer  is going even further, this time, Boeing wants to replace the pilot skills and makes its line of airplanes fully autonomous.


Well, the technology is not yet ready for the primetime as Boeing is holding a briefing ahead of Paris Airshow to details its plan for the fully autonomous cruising plane for the cockpit free run entirely by computers. Existing autopilot technology will handle the taxing and take off process. And Boeing’s goal is to get the technology up to the strict aviation safety standards.

It is said that Boeing will go through a battery of simulations this summer with hopes of taking its tech to a real-life planes as early as next year.

However, what keep the manufacturer’s fear in check is pilot error is one of the leading causes of modern plane crashes. And Boeing knows its technology needs to be bulletproof for people to buy it.


Hotline Miami. A GTA 2 on-steroid

Apparently, there is a flood of classic DOS-like games that are available on GOG.com. And what’s the most striking is that all those games (Like Resonance) are old school games that resemble those we used to play back in the 90s: Monkey Island, Duke Nukem II or Wolfenstein3D to cite a few. And beside Resonance by Vince Twelve which really deserves awards, there is another game, unreleased at the time of this writing, which strikes me too. Its name is Hotline Miami and at the first sight, it looks like those an old classic we put it in a dust box and forget about it. And no. Hotline Miami is a 2012 video game developed by a joint-efforts between Dennation Digital & Devolver Digital


There is a video available on YouTube which promotes the game. Hotline Miami uses the bird-eye view and is filled with super violence. Yes, you probably guess it. It’s like the old classic GTA (Grand Theft Auto) released on DOS back in 1997. And what’s is striking is Hotline Miami is close to those games released on Gameboy Advance in term of graphics.

In the official GOG.com, the game’s promise is all about violence and brutality. Taking place in an alternate 1989, you assume the role of an antihero who goes on murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine. Soon you’ll find yourself struggling to get a grip of what is going on and why you are prone to these acts of violence.